Hydrokinetic clutch repairs in Poznań – Kobylice

The distinctive feature of our times is first and foremost the dynamic development of new technologies. Luckily, this trend does not avoid motorisation. Hydrokinetic clutches are one of these innovations which can be found in an increasing number of cars.

In Triomoto you will find a comprehensive service in the scope of repairs and diagnostics of a hydrokinetic clutch. This component is primarily found in large-sized cars, such as trucks and off-road vehicles. There is a variety of functions it serves, for example, it protects and prolongs the life service of the clutch, has an impact on a smooth starting of the engine and makes the engine work more quietly. The functioning of such component is not, however, deprived of faults. Hydrokinetic clutches need additional cooling and often impair the efficiency of the entire drive unit. Because the condition of the clutch has an impact on the functioning of the whole vehicle, it is worth taking care of it.

Our company does not only deal with the service but also the sales of kinetic clutches. We kindly invite you to contact us!

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